Isle of Mull, France Tighter restrictions for British tourists


Paris-France is a more severe coronavirus for UK visitors when tourism resumes this summer to prevent the spread of the viral variant that was first detected in India and is causing concern in the UK Authorities said on Sunday that restrictions could be introduced.

The possibility of stricter restrictions on British tourists was raised by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Sunday.

Where does the minister say between the strictest measures France imposes on visitors from India and 15 other countries and the more relaxed requirements prepared for the European Union and other visitors? So I suggested that we could put the UK in our own health category. Country.

Le Drian said that “a little stronger health measures” could be applied to British tourists without giving details.

The minister said the Parisian government was watching how the situation evolved before making a decision.

“I hope we can manage this variant in a country that actually failed during the pandemic,” he said.

“But the arrival of Indian variants in the UK and the increasing number of cases of Indian variants are causing problems, so we are wary of this and are in contact with the UK authorities,” he said. Added.

“If we have to do that, it’s not a red cure. It’s going to be an intermediate treatment,” he said. “But what comes to mind for British tourists is not to rule out that we have a little stronger health measures.”

Germany began demanding 14 days of quarantine from people arriving from the United Kingdom on Sunday. The decision announced last Friday responded to the spread of Indian varieties in the United Kingdom.

Under stricter rules, airlines and other airlines can only transport German citizens and residents from the United Kingdom.