Israel agrees to ceasefire after 11 days of blood bath: report

MOHAMMED ABED / AFP via Getty Images

MOHAMMED ABED / AFP via Getty Images

After a relentless 11 days of catastrophic Airstrikes and rockets The attack, which reportedly killed more than 200 Palestinians and 12 Israelis, Hamas, and Israel, agreed to a ceasefire.

A ceasefire was achieved between Israeli authorities and the Gaza-controlled Hamas group on Thursday and will begin the next day. Reuters.. This move has increased pressure from the international community, including the Biden administration. Conflict It is described as a humanitarian catastrophe.

up to date Semi-warIt has sent shockwaves throughout the world’s reverberating sanctuaries and has proven to be the most deadly in the region since 2014.

In the now abandoned Gaza, the entire family was wiped out by Israeli airstrikes buried under the rubble of the house.Some of the victims were dozens of children and women, and Hardworking journalist And cherish Medical professional Essential to the besieged resource-depleted enlave and already Global pandemic..

Netanyahu vows to continue bombing after a day of Palestinian horror

The barrage of strikes that fell on Gaza destroyed homes, shops, and multiple homes. skyscraper, Includes those accommodating the Associated Press office. One Gazan’s father lost four children in just a few seconds after the airstrike destroyed his house. “Thank my loved one, my loved one, thank God, thank God,” he can hear screaming. video It shows that he will reunite with the only surviving child, a 6-month-old baby.

The youngest victim on the Israeli side was the five-year-old Id Abigal, who was killed after a Hamas rocket (one of the hundreds of rockets launched into Israel) bypassed Iron Dome and landed in the town of Sderot. “I’m sorry, I didn’t have a shrapnel for you,” his mother said. Reportedly Said at his funeral.

What began as a local resistance to the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem, and the removal of Muslim worshipers from the Al-Aqsa Mosque during a violent assault by the Israeli army, exploded quickly and half. Over a century.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have protested Israel’s ever-expanding settlements, the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, and the end of structural discrimination against Arabs blown up as apartheid systems. It was.

Missile-struck journalist talks about Gazahorror: “Suddenly everything turned white.”

Within the country, riots struck mixed Arab and Israeli cities, neighbors set fire to each other, and both Jews and Israel were targeted by Lynch attacks.

Violence raised questions about the rise of Right end In Israeli politics, transnationalists marched down the street chanting “death to the Arabs,” and politicians warned that “Gaza would burn.”

I also put the spotlight on The role of the United States Supplied and stripped Israel of weapons and billions of foreign aid Media bias, Inflammatory messaging, and Disinformation campaign The tensions between the two sides surrounding the conflict are further inflamed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justified the brutality of the attack in Gaza by claiming the “high” that Hamas had to pay to threaten the security of Israeli citizens, his spokesman shared. did Misleading A social media post about an immediate uncovered battle.

This series of attacks may be over, but the underlying problem that caused it is not over.

Residents of Sheikh Jara are still awaiting a ruling from the Israeli High Court on whether they will be forced to leave their homes. The reconciliation continues to expand. Gaza is still under a tight blockade. And the occupation protested by scores in the sanctuary and around the world is underway.

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