Israel and Egypt meet in an effort to consolidate the Gaza ceasefire

Jerusalem-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Egypt’s Director of National Intelligence and sent Israeli Foreign Minister to Cairo on Sunday.

Egypt has helped mediate the ceasefire that has continued since May 21, has been in the limelight for its diplomatic success, and is expanding into a more permanent ceasefire in collaboration with partners in the United States and elsewhere.

Netanyahu said the meeting with Abbas Kamer in Jerusalem was about local security issues and Hamas, the Islamic extremist terrorist group that controls Gaza, sucking up civilian aid to strengthen its capabilities. He said he dealt with how to prevent it.

pm. Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures to supporters after an exit poll for the Israeli general election was announced at the Likud Party headquarters in Jerusalem on March 24, 2021. (Ammar Awad / File) Photo / Reuters)

Palestinian officials have posted tens of millions of dollars in reconstruction costs from an Israeli strike in Gaza, and medical officials said 248 people were killed in the 11-day fight. Israel also killed 13 people in Israel. Repairing damage caused by Palestinian rockets and missiles.

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi’s visit to Cairo was the first visit in 13 years. Ashkenazy said he would discuss with Egyptian counterparts “establishing a permanent ceasefire with Hamas,” along with ways to help rebuild Gaza.

    Israel Egypt Conference
On May 30, 2021, Egyptian Foreign Minister Shark Shukuri and Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi met at Tahrir Palace in Cairo, Egypt. (Mohamed Abd El Ganny / Reuters)

Egypt announced on Saturday that Foreign Minister Shark Shokuri would accept Ashkenazi, but did not provide details of the talks.

Both Netanyahu and Ashkenazi stated that Israel’s main purpose was to ensure the return of the bodies of two Israeli civilians and two soldiers who had been detained in Gaza for years. Hamas refused to deliver them.

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