Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad agree ceasefire


Story: Palestinians took to the streets of Gaza City on Saturday evening as a ceasefire between Israel and militant Islamic Jihad took effect… ending the worst cross-border fires since the 10-day war in 2021 I told you.

Egypt, which brokered the ceasefire, called on all countries to comply with the agreement.

Islamic Jihad and Israeli officials have confirmed that a ceasefire has been struck.

Both sides continued to fire, sounding air raid sirens, even as the ceasefire was being negotiated.

Israel launched its latest airstrike early Tuesday morning, announcing it was targeting an Islamic Jihad commander who was planning an attack on Israel.

In response, Iran-backed groups fired more than 1,000 rockets and the Israelis took refuge in air-raid shelters.

During the five-day operation, Israel killed six senior Islamic Jihad commanders and destroyed many military installations.

But at least 10 civilians, including women and children, were also killed during the fighting in Gaza, and two Israeli women and a Palestinian worker were killed in a Palestinian rocket attack in Israel.