Israel Announces Booster Pfizer Shots for People Over 60

The Israeli government provides citizens over the age of 60 with a third dose of the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in an ongoing effort to slow the spread of the more contagious delta variant of the CCP virus. I announced that.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett statement On Friday, President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal received the first boosters in the country.

Israel launched a national vaccination campaign in December 2020, and many older people, considered more vulnerable in the population, received shots in the first month of deployment.

In this country, more than 57% of 9.3 million people are fully vaccinated and 63% are vaccinated at least once with Pfizer vaccine using mRNA technology.

However, as Delta variants began to spread, the Israeli Ministry of Health reported twice in early and late July that vaccines were less effective against infections and slightly less protective against serious illnesses. did.

Israeli Secretary of Health Announced on friday 2,140 new CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus cases have been recorded in the past day. This is an increase from the small number of cases per day a few months ago. The ministry reported that 167 people were suffering from severe illness.

Last week, the Ministry of Health estimated that the vaccine was only 41 percent effective in stopping symptomatic infections in the past month. Protection against severe illness remained strong at 91%.

A booster campaign with shots administered by the Health Maintenance Organization will effectively turn Israel into a third dose test site.

“The findings show that the body’s immunity weakens over time. The purpose of the supplemental dose is to re-accumulate it and significantly reduce the likelihood of infection or serious illness. “Bennet, 49, said at a press conference.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog (R) and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett speak to the media after receiving a third dose of the Pfizer / BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine at Ramat Gan’s Sheva Medical Center on July 30, 2021. .. (AFP via Maya Allerusso / Pool / Getty Images)

For people over 60 years old who were vaccinated more than 5 months ago.. Bennett said all older people who had already been vaccinated twice with the Pfizer vaccine should “get an adjunct vaccine” and call their mother to talk about the new jab.

In a statement translated from Hebrew, Bennett said: “We are launching a vaccine campaign to protect the elderly in Israel. Starting today we have a new Mitzvah:” Immunize your father and your mother so they may live longer please.”

Pfizer believes people need additional doses to maintain high protection against the CCP virus on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

In early July, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA said in a joint statement shortly after Pfizer’s chief scientific officer said earlier that day, Americans “do not need booster shots at this time.” I did. An urgent permit was required in August.

In early July, Israel launched a third attack on people with weakened immune systems to further protect them from the CCP virus.

Israel Logged Since the start of the pandemic, 6,466 CCP viruses have died.

Israel as delta variants of the CCP virus prevail Step up Limits earlier this month.We have also revived the “Green Pass” COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Program. July 29..

Around New ruleUnvaccinated people can enter the place where they need a vaccine passport by presenting the PCR test results that are valid for 72 hours and are available free of charge. Another option is to present quick test results that are valid 24 hours a day. After August 8th, only prompt test results will be accepted and unvaccinated people will have to pay a fee to perform the test.

Reuters contributed to this report.