Israel attacks Gaza after Hamas fires a balloon

Jerusalem (AP) — Israeli fighters attacked Gaza’s weapons manufacturing site overnight in response to a burning balloon fired at Israel across the frontier, the military said earlier Friday.

There were no immediate reports of strike casualties. The military said it targeted the facilities used by Islamic extremist group Hamas to research and develop weapons.

It was the third time Israel has been conducting airstrikes in Gaza since the end of the 11-day war that fought against the rulers of the territorial radical Hamas in May. Each came after activists mobilized by Hamas fired a flaming balloon that caused a fire in a nearby Israeli agricultural community.

Hamas is using such tactics to pressure Israel and international intermediaries to ease the devastating blockade imposed on Gaza when it seized power from rival Palestinian troops in 2007. I will. Israel has vowed to respond to small attacks.

Egypt and international intermediaries have sought to intensify the informal ceasefire that ended the recent war.Recently, Israel has relaxed restrictions and allowed it. Qatar-funded fuelExpands Gaza’s fishing area and allows more cross-border commerce.

Israel says such a step is conditional on Hamas staying calm along the frontier.

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