Israel calls on world powers to immediately stop Iran’s nuclear negotiations

Jerusalem-Israel urged world powers to immediately stop nuclear talks with Iran on Thursday, citing a statement by the UN Observatory that Tehran has begun producing enriched uranium in more sophisticated centrifuges.

In a meeting with the US Secretary of State, Naftali Bennett said, “Iran is implementing a nuclear blackmail as a negotiation tactic. This should be resolved by an immediate suspension of negotiations and the implementation of strict measures by the world’s powers. Is. ” Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

On Wednesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) began the process of concentrating uranium to a purity of up to 20 percent in a cascade or cluster of 166 advanced IR-6 machines dug in the mountains at the Fordow plant. He said he did.

At a meeting in Vienna, Iran and the great powers are trying to revive the 2015 agreement in which Tehran restricted its nuclear program in exchange for relief from US, EU and UN sanctions. The United States withdrew from the agreement in 2018 during the administration of then-President Donald Trump, and Iran responded by violating the restrictions of the agreement.

Israeli officials said Bennett told Blinken that he was opposed to lifting sanctions on Iran, especially under the modus vivendi. This effectively means “a large flow of money to the Iranian government.”

The 2015 agreement does not envision any uranium enrichment in Fordow. So far, Iran has produced enriched uranium on an IR-1 machine and concentrated it on several IR-6s without storing the product.

In a video interview with Israel’s YNet News website on Thursday, Defense Minister Benny Ganz expressed confidence that US President Joe Biden would fulfill his promise not to have Iran obtain nuclear weapons.

“I don’t think we’re alone. I think we always have to prepare our options for the moments when we might find ourselves alone,” he said. “I’ll say it again, attack [on Iran] It is an option. It doesn’t have to be the first one. “