Israel has reduced information sharing with the United States this spring because Benjamin Netanyahu did not trust the Biden administration, the report said.

Biden Neta Knife

2010 photo of then Vice President Joe Biden and then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Buzz Ratner / Getty Images

  • Israel did not give much information to the United States about Iran’s plans this spring. NYT reported..

  • The report said it was because then Prime Minister Netanyahu did not trust the Biden administration.

  • The resentment towards Obama and the belief that the United States is spying on him may have been a factor.

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Israel has reduced the amount of information it shares with the United States this spring because then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not trust President Joe Biden’s administration. The New York Times reported..

US and Israeli officials told the Times that Netanyahu had ordered authorities to send less information about their plans in Iran.

Israel also notified the United States within two hours. Attacked a nuclear power plant Officials said they did not give the United States an opportunity to influence the United States in April in Iran.

According to The Times, Netanyahu’s distrust arose for the following reasons:

  • Israeli officials said the United States denied it, but the United States leaked information about some of Israel’s plans.

  • Israeli officials said the Biden administration is more focused on the resurrection Iran’s nuclear agreement Rather than paying attention to Israeli security concerns.

  • Former Israeli officials said Netanyahu thought the United States was spying on him.

U.S. officials also told the Times that Netanyahu still believed he had a grudge against former President Barack Obama’s administration (where Biden was vice president) for the nuclear deal.

Netanyahu Not seated as prime minister After leading the country for 12 years, he became leader of the opposition by the Israeli parliament in June.

New Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is meeting with Biden at the White House on Thursday.

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