Israel, Minister of Israel, Hosting Miss Universe Contest Despite Omicron Says


Yoel Razvozov, a member of the centrist Yeshuatide Party, addressed Russian-speaking Israelis on February 8, 2015, during a campaign at the Bat Yam pub south of Tel Aviv, Israel. increase. (Baz Ratner / Reuters)

Jerusalem — Israel will host a beauty pageant at the Red Sea Resort in Eilat on December 12, despite imposing a travel ban to stop a variant of Omicron’s coronavirus. Tourism Minister Joel Razbozov said on Sunday.

Israel announced on Saturday that it would ban foreigners from entering the country, but on Sunday Razvozov told reporters that Miss Universe pageant participants would be exempt from undergoing a 48-hour PCR test and other precautions. rice field.

“This is an event that airs in 174 countries, is a very important event, and is a very important event for Eilat,” he said before Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting.

“We know how to manage this event, so by using the Exemption Commission, such an event will occur, but the country has already committed and cannot cancel it. “

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement aired at a cabinet meeting that Israel needs to “crack down” its borders in order to remain “internally open.”