Israel praises Iran’s crew and Argentina’s tread


Buenos Aires (AP) —Israel said Thursday that it showed that Tehran was trying to expand its influence in South America and praised Argentina for having a Venezuelan plane that included Iran’s crew.

Washington also posed a question, revealing that it is closely monitoring the investigation of a Boeing 747 with auto parts, as its 19 crew members are unusually high for a freighter.

In a statement, the Israeli Embassy praised the “quick action” by the Argentine authorities for “real-time identification of potential threats” posed by aircraft landing at major Argentine airports on the outskirts of Buenos Aires from June 6. ..

Israel is “particularly worried” about Iran Air, “dedicated to arms trafficking and the transfer of people and equipment for the Kud army, which is under US sanctions for being involved in terrorist activities,” the embassy said. Stated.

“Recent events have been repeated attempts by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and the Kood Army to continue to strengthen the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a base for terrorist activity on the continent around the world, including South America. Providing proof. “The embassy was added.

Top US diplomats from Argentina also commented on the case.

In a statement shared with local media, US Ambassador Mark Stanley said, “We are following with great interest in the investigation of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies on crew and planes, and the Argentine authorities to resolve the situation. I am grateful for the research efforts. “

Argentine authorities have seized the passports of five Iranians and 14 Venezuelan crew members on a plane operated by Venezuela’s state-owned Embrasour line, a subsidiary of Conviasa under US sanctions.

Prior to being sold to Embrasur a year ago, the plane was owned by Iran’s Mahan Air, and the US government was licensed to support Quds Force and terrorist activities.

On Tuesday, law enforcement agencies searched the hotel where the crew was staying under the orders of Federal Judge Federico Villena, who was investigating the crew.

Argentine officials have stated that no irregularities have been found in the crew.

The plane reportedly loaded auto parts in Mexico and stopped in Venezuela before arriving in Argentina.

Paraguay’s Interior Minister Federico Gonzalez said on Tuesday that a large number of crew members raised suspicions when the plane landed in Ciudad del Este near the Argentine-Brazil border last month in Paraguay. He said the plane was there on May 13-16,

According to Gonzales, Paraguay warned intelligence agencies in the area about the plane and its crew.

Argentina has been hit by two terrorist attacks in its capital, and judicial investigators have accused Iran. An explosion at the Israeli embassy in 1992 and a deadly bombing at a Jewish organization in 1994. Iran has denied involvement.