Israel recognizes possible link between Pfizer vaccine and rare cases of myocarditis


Jerusalem —IsraelThe Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that a small number of cases of heart inflammation were seen, especially in young men who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Israel It may be related to vaccination.

Pfizer states that the incidence of this condition, known as myocarditis, has not been observed at a higher rate than normally expected in the general population.

To IsraelBetween December 2020 and May 2021, 275 cases of myocarditis were reported among more than 5 million vaccinated people, the ministry said to investigate the issue. He said he disclosed the results of the commissioned research.

According to the ministry, most patients with heart inflammation stayed within 4 days and 95% were classified as mild.

“There is probably a link between the second vaccination (of Pfizer) and the development of myocarditis in men aged 16 to 30 years,” the study said.

According to the survey results, such links were more common in men aged 16 to 19 years than in other age groups.

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On December 20, 2020, medical staff will vaccinate medical staff with COVID-19 at the Hillerjaffe Medical Center in Hadera, Israel. (Amir Levy / Getty Images)

Pfizer said in a statement that he was aware of the following: Israeli Observation of myocarditis. Note that a causal relationship with the vaccine has not been established.

Adverse events have been thoroughly reviewed and Pfizer meets regularly with the Vaccine Safety Department in the United States. Israeli The Ministry of Health will review the data, it said.

Israel Has postponed vaccination of populations between the ages of 12 and 15 until the Ministry of Health reports. In parallel with the publication of these findings, a MHLW committee approved vaccination of adolescents, officials said.

“The Commission has given a green light to vaccinations between the ages of 12 and 15, which will be possible starting next week,” said Nachman Ash. IsraelThe pandemic coordinator told the Radio 103 FM. “Vaccine effectiveness outweighs risk.”

Last month, an advisory group at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended further research, including the Pfizer and Moderna Inc. vaccines, on the potential link between myocarditis and the mRNA vaccine.

The CDC’s surveillance system did not find more cases than expected in the population, but in a statement the advisory group should allow members to be aware of reports of “potential adverse events” by healthcare providers. He said he felt that.

Israel We have been a world leader in the development of vaccination. With the number of COVID-19 infections reduced to just a few per day and the number of active cases nationwide reduced to just 340, the economy has been completely opened, but restrictions on tourists entering the country remain.

About 55 percent IsraelPopulation has already been vaccinated. As of Tuesday, social distance restrictions and the need for a special green vaccination pass to enter certain restaurants and venues have been abolished.

By Jeffrey Heller