Israel said the attack on Hamas terrorists on the west bank of the Jordan River killed five people and injured two, citing an imminent threat.


Jerusalem — Israeli forces launched a series of raids on Hamas terrorists across the occupied west coast early Sunday, killing five members of Hamas and seriously injuring two Israeli soldiers twice. Caused a shootout.

The West Bank region suffered from intensifying terrorist activity and was the most deadly violence between Israeli forces and Operation Hamastello on the West Bank.

Israeli forces have been tracking Hamas terrorists for several weeks and said the assault had begun in response to an imminent threat.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said terrorists are trying to carry out attacks “in real time.” He praised the Israeli army for acting “as expected.”

“They engaged the enemy and we fully supported them,” he said.

In a statement, the military said it had launched five simultaneous attacks and fired after the soldiers were shot dead in two places. Five Hamas terrorists were killed and several others were arrested.

He also said that the Israeli fire could have seriously injured officers and soldiers.

Hamas confirmed that four dead, including all three killed in Biddu, were members of a radical Islamic group and praised them as “heroic martyrs.” Palestinian officials said the 16-year-old boy was also among the dead, but it was not immediately clear if he was a terrorist.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said two Palestinians were shot dead near the city of Genin on the north west bank of the Jordan River, known as the base of terrorists, and three were killed in Bidu, north of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian government, which controls the semi-autonomous region on the west bank of the Jordan River, condemned the killings, and the Israeli government said it was “fully and directly responsible for the crimes committed by this bloody morning and the occupying forces.” ..

However, Hamas also criticized the Palestinian Authority, which maintains security coordination with Israel in a common struggle with terrorist groups. Hamas has ruled the Gaza Strip after occupying the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority in 2007.

Hamas spokesman Abdullatif Arkanou said a recent meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli officials “encouraged the occupation again to pursue resistance.”

Also on Sunday, Israel released Harida Jalar, a prominent Palestinian lawmaker, after being put in prison for nearly two years. Jarrah, a senior on the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, has been in and out of Israeli prisons for many years.

The PFLP has armed wings and is considered a terrorist group by Israel and the Western nations, but Jarrah is not involved in the attack. She was sentenced to two years in prison in March for being a member of a banned group, but was credited with the time she had already worked. She was released a few weeks before the sentence ended.

Last month, a masked Israeli army dressed as a Palestinian fired after being fired by terrorists during a midnight raid in Genin to arrest Hamas. Four Palestinians were killed in a shootout.

The clash on Sunday occurred a week after Israel regained the last six Palestinian fugitives who dug a tunnel from the most secure Israeli prison earlier this month. The fugitive was from Genin, and two were captured there after a thorough search.

By Iran Ben Zion. The Epoch Times contributed to this article.

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