Israel says it shot down two Iranian unmanned planes in other countries

Jerusalem (AP) — Details of an Israeli military censorship on Monday using a sophisticated F-35 stealth fighter to shoot down two Iranian drones in a third country a year ago. Said provided.

Military officials briefing reporters about the March 2021 incident did not say where the drones were intercepted or whether their countries allowed the use of airspace.

Officials who spoke on condition of anonymity in accordance with regulations said the drone was launched from Iran and directed to Israel.

“The UAV was intercepted in the airspace of the region in cooperation with neighboring countries before entering the Israeli sky,” the military said in a statement using the acronym for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Israel states that Iran and its regional allies are actively developing and testing long-range drones capable of transporting ammunition, gathering information, and carrying out attacks. The drone, which was shot down in March last year, was carrying a pistol and explosives to the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel states that it shot down a third Iranian drone launched from Iraq during the Gaza War in May 2021. The drone is said to have been shot down after entering Israeli airspace. Iran supports many powerful Shiite militias in Iraq.

Israel sees Iran as the greatest threat and regularly strikes suspected Iranian military targets in neighboring Syria.