Israel says more than 9 miles of Gaza’s “terrorist tunnel” destroyed by airstrikes


The Israeli army has announced the destruction of 9.3 miles of the so-called “terrorist tunnel” network used by the Hamas army as part of an effort to reduce the ability of terrorist groups to launch strikes against Israel.

“Our fighters neutralized 9.3 miles of Hamas’s” metro “terrorist tunnel system all night. This is 9.3 miles that can no longer be used for terrorism. ” According to the statement On Monday’s official Twitter account of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Hostility broke out last Monday when Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Islamic Jihad groups launched a long-range rocket in Jerusalem after weeks of clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police in the sanctuary. did. Hamas said the rocket attack was in retaliation against the Israeli police in response to a Palestinian protest in response to weeks of tensions over a lawsuit to expel several Palestinian families in East Jerusalem. ..

In response, Israel has launched more than 1,000 precise airstrikes and artillery targets on Hamas and other targets that are often built near civilian landmarks in densely populated coastal areas.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 192 people have been killed in Gaza since Monday, including 58 children and 34 women. According to Israeli emergency response services, 10 people, including one child, have died in Israel.

Epoch Times Photo
People inspect the rubble of a building destroyed by an Israeli airstrike in the city of Gaza on May 16, 2021. (AdelHana / AP photo)

To update More than 820 terrorist targets have been attacked and at least 130 in response to the IDF’s “non-stop rocket launch against Israeli civilians” launched last Monday in response to Operation Guardian of the Wall. He said human terrorists had been incapacitated. , More than 3,150 rockets have been launched in Israel.

President Joe Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, reiterating his strong support for Israel’s right to protect itself from missile attacks.

“He condemned these indiscriminate attacks on towns and cities throughout Israel,” and “encouraged ongoing measures to hold violent extremists accountable and calm.” Read a call Released by White House.

Netanyahu told CBS News on Sunday that Israel would act decisively to protect its people and regain their composure.

“We do whatever it takes to restore order and tranquility, and for the security of deterrents. We diminish Hamas’ terrorist capabilities and discourage him from doing this again. We are trying, “said the long-time prime minister, adding that he hopes the conflict will not last long.

Israeli forces said they had destroyed miles of “terrorist tunnels” and attacked nine homes in various parts of northern Gaza owned by Hamas’ “high commander.”

Meanwhile, Senator Jon Ossoff (Democratic Party) led a group of 29 senators and called for an immediate ceasefire agreement.

“We call for an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of civilian life and further expansion of the conflict in the territory of Israel and Palestine,” said Senator. Said in a joint statement..