Israel signs multi-billion dollar submarine contract with Germany

Jerusalem-Israel signed a € 3 billion contract on Thursday to purchase three state-of-the-art submarines from Germany, the Ministry of Defense announced.

The Dakar-class diesel electric submarine will be manufactured by German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp and will be delivered within nine years, the ministry said.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the procurement “will enhance the capabilities of the Israeli Navy and contribute to Israel’s security advantage in the region.” According to the ministry, part of the cost of the ship will be borne by the German government.

Israeli and German officials say the Israeli Cabinet will vote to establish a government committee between 2009 and 2016 to investigate the acquisition of submarines and other warships from ThyssenKrupp under then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I signed the arms trade a few days ago.

The newly acquired submarine is not directly related to its scandal known as Case 3000.

Several Israeli businessmen, including Netanyahu’s best friend and former chief of Navy, are suspected of graft scandals surrounding the purchase of naval weapons from ThyssenKrupp. Netanyahu was not nominated as a suspect in the scandal, but is currently being tried in three other corruption cases.

Associated Press