Israel strikes at Hamas ruins in Gaza


Israeli forces have announced that they have launched strikes on four Hamas-occupied locations in the Gaza Strip in response to the firing of arson balloons and machine guns in Israel by a group of Muslim terrorists.

“Throughout the summer, Hamas fired arson balloons from Gaza to Israel. In response to Hamas’ new attacks today, we attacked Gaza’s weapons manufacturing sites, rocket launch sites, and tunnel entrances. . ā€¯Israel Defense Force (IDF) Announced on Twitter Early morning on August 24, local time. “We will continue to respond firmly to all terrorist activity from Gaza.”

IDF said in another word statement The fighter struck a weapons manufacturing site in Hamas in the southern town of Khan Unis in Gaza late Monday. The jets also targeted the terrorist tunnels in Jabaria, the Hamas underground rocket launch site near private homes, and schools in the Shejaiya district.

The Israeli army added that the balloon from Hamas is “another example of how Hamas adopts terrorist tactics and continues to target civilians” and “continues to respond vigorously to all terrorist attempts emanating from Gaza.” rice field.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the arson balloon. The balloon caused several fires in southern Israel. Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said..

Shortly after the initial announcement, the IDF issued another statement that Hamas had attacked another target, the entrance to the Hamas terrorist tunnel in Khan Unis, in response to firing a machine gun at Israel.

15-year-old murder

Separately, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said a 15-year-old Palestinian boy was killed overnight in a clash with Israeli soldiers. The boy was later identified as Imad Hashash.

According to Reuters and the Associated Press, Israeli troops were arresting and assaulting a Balata refugee camp near the city of Nables when the troops fired from a nearby rooftop.

The Israeli army said one of its soldiers fired at someone trying to throw a big thing at the Israeli army. It is unknown whether the murdered 15-year-old boy was the same person trying to drop the object.

The latest Israeli strike in response to arson balloons came after the August 21 incident, which saw Hamas-organized protests along the Israeli border. The IDF said hundreds of rioters approached the security fence, attempted to climb it, and threw explosives at the IDF army, urging the IDF to respond “in riot dispersal, including when necessary.” ..

Israeli troops shot and killed 41 Palestinians and seriously injured two, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian man with a pistol fired at close range, shooting the head of an Israeli Border Police sniper and seriously injuring him. Israeli solder, identified as Barel Hadaria Shmueli, was also in crisis on August 23.

Just a week ago, on August 16, a Gaza terrorist launched a rocket at Israel and was shot down by Iron Dome’s missile defense system. IDF said..

It marked the first such attack since the ceasefire was mediated by Egypt in May to end the 11-day battle between Hamas and Israel. Since the ceasefire in May, Israel has experienced sporadic attacks, including arson balloons, urging the country to retaliate by attacking Hamas facilities.

Israel and Hamas have fought multiple conflicts since 2007, when terrorist groups ruled Gaza.

Tensions between Israel and Hamas have increased in recent weeks, with the latter hoping that ceasefire negotiations could loosen Israel’s blockade against Gaza, which severely restricts movement from territory.

Egypt also maintains restrictions on the Gaza Strip. Both Israel and Egypt cite threats from Hamas due to restrictions.

Mimi Nguyen Lee

Mimi Nguyen Ly is an Australian-based reporter. She covers world news with a focus on US news. Contact her at [email protected].