Israel vaccinated quickly and appeared to have defeated COVID-19. In the delta surge, it only regained the band of restrictions.


Israeli vaccine

Israelis will receive the coronavirus vaccine from medical staff at the COVID-19 Vaccination Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Sebastian Shainer / AP

  • Israel has reintroduced a number of new restrictions amid the proliferation of delta coronavirus variants.

  • It comes after the country has swiftly vaccinated the majority of the population.

  • Prime Minister Naphtali said the restriction was a bid to prevent a full-scale lockdown.

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Israel has reintroduced a set of restrictions as the number of cases of delta variant COVID-19 increases, despite the world’s leading vaccination deployment.

The number of new cases daily on Tuesday increased to 3,260, According to The Times of Israel -Japan’s highest level of new cases since March.

On Tuesday, the minister approved a rule requiring masks to be worn at field meetings of more than 100 people. According to the paper, close contact, such as hugging, kissing, or socializing indoors, is not recommended.

People who care for infected children under the age of 12 need to be quarantined, and half of the public sector workers will work from home, the newspaper reported. According to the newspaper, private companies are also encouraged to allow telecommuting.

Israel is also planning to expand Green pass system On August 20, the paper reported.

The system was previously able to document virus-free or vaccinated to enter a venue that accommodates more than 100 people.

The Ministry of Health has announced that the new restrictions will apply the Green Pass system to venues of all sizes.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the new restrictions were an attempt to avoid another complete blockade. He took on the role in June and dismissed long-time leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Our goal is to keep Israel open, which is still possible,” the newspaper reported. “But one day the hospital can’t help but say,’I can’t enter because I don’t have a room.'”

“I know when I need to brake.”

Israeli mask vaccine

The Israeli people became maskless outdoors and returned to relatively normal conditions in April. Amil Cohen / Reuters

Prior to the announcement, the country seemed to have left the pandemic through it. Rapid mass vaccination program.. As of Thursday, Israel had given more than 11 million doses, sufficient for double vaccination of 62% of the population. Reuters reported..

In mid-April, more than half of the country was vaccinated Wearing an outdoor mask was abandoned.. By late April, the incident was completely deadlocked. According to Johns Hopkins University Case Tracker..

But late June The cases I saw start to rise again.. Delta variants are causing a surge, with half of the new cases being vaccinated. As reported by Marianne Guenot of Insider.. However, the cases of vaccinated people were less serious.

Benjamin Netanyahu, a transnational billionaire, was warned by Netanyahu in July when incidents began to increase. The Times of Israel reported.. It was like retaliation for Benjamin’s violent attack on Netanyahu with COVID-19.

July 29, Israel began offering a third “booster” shot Following the inoculation of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine to the elderly, a torrent of studies that appear to show that the effectiveness of the vaccine diminishes over a period of several months.

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