Israeli baseball team provokes anger at posting a TikTok video jumping to Tokyo’s “anti-sex bed”


The Israeli baseball team apologized after receiving a backlash against jumping into a cardboard box and filming themselves at the Tokyo Olympics.

Controversy: Ben Wanger uploaded a deleted TikTok video on Monday. There you can see players testing the structural stiffness of the cardboard beds in the athlete’s village. Kyodo News..

  • The video begins with one player jumping to bed with more and more players joining to see if the rumors about “anti-sex beds” are true.

  • Eventually, nine players managed to get in and the bed collapsed slightly by the end of the recording.

  • Bed maker Airweave said the bed can support a weight of up to 200 kilograms (440 pounds).

  • The actions of baseball teams have caused anger among Japanese social media users, and some say, “I don’t understand why someone destroys someone else’s property.

aftermath: Wanger announced his apology on Thursday through a video sent by the Israeli Olympic Committee to the Japanese media.

  • “We didn’t mean rude, we just wanted to show how effective and sturdy the beds in the Olympic Village were,” Wanger said. “We really enjoy sleeping in these beds and consider it a great sustainable option for the future Olympics.”

  • Athletes also explained that the Commission will recycle all beds after the competition. Times of Israel report. He said the video bed was “recycled since then.”

  • The Israeli Olympic Commission called Peter Kurtz after watching the video. The committee also denounced the action, adding that “a clear message was delivered to the players.”

Other Olympic athletes: Olympic players like Ilona Maher of the US rugby team and Rhys McClenaghan of the Irish gymnastics team have created videos similar to Wanger’s video to “test” a cardboard bed to see if it breaks. However, there was no backlash in these videos.

Featured image via @kann_news

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