Israeli best Arab police officer resigns during investigation

Jerusalem (AP) — Israeli police’s top Arab Muslim officer has resigned, according to a statement on Monday — stumbled upon the body of a victim who was stabbed when he left the crime scene 2020, a week after the video showing that.

Police said in a statement that Maj. Gen. Gamal Hakurush had offered to resign on Sunday and would take effect on Monday.

Hakroosh, 64, was appointed Deputy Commissioner in 2016 to lead Israeli support for Arab ethnic minorities. Historical appointment.. Surveillance camera footage obtained by the Israeli Haaretz newspaper last week showed Hacrosh leaving the crime scene in 2020.

He went to the factory office in his hometown of Kafr Kanna for work. At that time, a dispute arose between the two men, one of whom stabbed the other in the chest.

Closed camera footage shows that Hakurush walked through the stairwell and stumbled upon a man who was probably accidentally stabbed before exiting the door. He ignored the barricaded perpetrators in another room and did not provide first aid to the stabbed victims, Haaretz said.

Police minister Omer Barrev thanked Mr. Hakurush for 44 years of service and said his resignation was appropriate. He said the police team investigating the case would continue the work.

Israel’s current government, first including the Arab Party, has doubled its efforts to combat crime in the community.

Violent crimes within the community have skyrocketed in recent years, boosted by organized crime and family feuds. Arab citizens make up about 20% of Israel’s 9.4 million people and face discrimination, and community leaders have accused authorities of ignoring community crime. At the same time, distrust of Israeli police has hindered cooperation.

According to the Abraham Initiative, a non-profit organization that promotes the coexistence of Jews and Arabs, 2021 was the deadliest year on record, with at least 125 Arabs killed in the attack.