Israeli bomb weapons manufacturing site in Gaza after arson attack

A series of balloons fired by Hamas terrorists toward the southern Israeli border caused an overnight bombing at a manufacturing site in the Gaza Strip, military officials said.

The Islamic terrorist group that governs Gaza has confirmed that one of its manufacturing bases focused on weapons research and development was hit by an attack. No immediate reports of strike casualties have been reported.

“Today, in response to a balloon shot of arson on Israeli territory, IDF (Israeli Army) fighters struck (a) a weapons manufacturing site belonging to Hamas,” the military said in a statement.

Last month, Hamas launched about 20 fires in the Israeli community after launching an arson balloon around Gaza, affecting farmers’ fields and agriculture.

On Thursday, a terrorist group re-launched an incendiary-laden balloon across the southern border of Israel, causing another fire that burned the fields.

Israel Fire and Rescue Services said most fires are small and non-hazardous, and responders can quickly manage the situation and manage the fire. Times of Israel report..

Hamas said it had launched a series of arson balloons as a way to put pressure on Israel to ease restrictions on strengthened coastal excursions during the May battle since the end of the May 21 ceasefire. ..

You can see the field of fire
On June 15, 2021, a field of fire can be seen after Palestinians in Gaza sent incendiary bombs across the border between Gaza and Israel near Nir Am. (Amir Cohen / Reuters)

A Thursday balloon fired from Gaza caused at least four brush fires near the Israeli city along the border.

Over the past three years, Islamic terrorists in the Gaza Strip have sent thousands of balloons loaded with incendiary bombs and explosive devices to southern Israel, causing widespread fires and serious damage to farmlands, nature reserves and private property. There were several other terrorist groups that launched similar attacks, but the attacks were primarily related to Hamas.

Since Israel and Hamas were involved in a military conflict in May, more than 200 Palestinians and 13 Israelis have been killed and a group of Gaza terrorists have launched rockets at Israeli cities.

The Israeli army then responded to the attack by carrying out air strikes across coastal excursions.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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