Israeli leaders meet Putin to discuss Ukraine’s ceasefire

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett secretly visited Moscow on Saturday to discuss a possible ceasefire with Russian President Vladimir Putin, an Israeli official confirmed by Axios.

Important reason: This is a very unusual move by Bennett, who has recently been in contact with both Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to promote a ceasefire.

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Play status: Since the Russian invasion, Bennett has spoken twice with Zelensky and Putin, respectively.

  • According to Israeli officials, Bennett’s mediation activities began at the request of the President of Ukraine.

  • Bennett publicly said a few days ago that Israel has a unique position that allows it to talk to both sides with which it has a good relationship.

  • At a meeting with Putin in Sochi, Bennett last October suggestion Russia-Ukraine Summit Meeting Held in Jerusalem. At that time, Putin was not enthusiastic and criticized Zelensky severely.

News promotion: Bennett, an observant Jew, traveled to Moscow without announcing the Sabbath.

  • Israeli military censors issued a gag order during the trip, but a Kremlin spokesman exposed it by issuing a statement.

  • The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has notified the White House prior to Bennett’s trip, Israeli officials told Axios.

After the Kremlin statement Regarding the meeting, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office confirmed the trip.

Editor’s Note: This is a developing story and has been updated throughout.

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