Israeli Netanyahu claims election fraud and accuses rival duality

Jerusalem-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the newly formed Israeli coalition ready to defeat him was the result of “the biggest election fraud” in the history of democracy.

He criticized Israeli domestic security directors when they publicly warned of the possibility of political violence. Netanyahu focused his claim on breaking the election promise from Naftali Bennett, who will replace him as prime minister.

Bennett had promised not to partner with left-wing, centre-left, or Arab parties, but said on Wednesday they formed a coalition government with factions across the political spectrum, along with opposition leader Jar Rapid. Announced.

Under the rotation agreement, Bennett will be the first prime minister, followed by Rapid.

There is no parliamentary election day to approve the new government, which was unsuccessful in the March 23 general election, but it is widely expected that an oath will be taken on June 14.

“In my opinion in the history of democracy, I have witnessed the country’s largest fraudulent election,” Netanyahu said in a comment to right-wing Likud lawmakers.

“That’s why people feel and react to be legitimately deceived. Don’t shut up,” he said in a live broadcast promise of Bennett’s campaign not to team up with Rapid and others. Said in an indirectly mentioned statement.

Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving leader, has been in office since 2009, and his tenure has been overshadowed by ongoing corruption trials denying cheating.

Since the election, a new administration has been launched, setting a cap on political jockeys. Israel will be the fourth in the last two years. Those angry with the alliance are protesting outside the homes of opposition politicians, who have been intimidated by social media threats.

“Endanger Israel”

Singh Bet, the secretary of internal security, said on Saturday that it was rare to publicly warn that online discourse could lead to violence if it became more radical.

While condemning violence and incitement, 71-year-old Netanyahu repeatedly designated the Rapid-Bennet Alliance as a dangerous Left Alliance.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak at a ceremony in Jerusalem, Israel, on June 6, 2021 to thank the medical sector for its contribution to the fight against COVID-19. (Ronen Zvulun / Reuters)

“This government is endangering Israel with a danger we haven’t seen in years,” he said.

“We in Likud, my friends and I strongly oppose the establishment of this dangerous government of fraud and surrender. And if God is forbidden, if it is established, I Will withdraw it very quickly. “

Netanyahu will have a new politically diverse coalition if Washington returns to a nuclear deal with Iran or if it makes a strong deal with Hamas terrorists in Gaza who fought Israel in a cross-border battle last month. He said he would not be able to confront America.

He also criticized Facebook and Twitter, saying that his two widely used social media platforms are blocking legitimate right-wing criticism of the Rapid-Bennet coalition.

Netanyahu said Facebook had deleted right-wing posts, including speeches by lawmakers who were scheduled to protest. He listed the same address, but said the left-wing post calling on demonstrators to support lawmakers had not been deleted.

“This is a scientific case that proves an attempt to seal the right wing, and is simply scientific and clinical,” Netanyahu said.

Twitter did not immediately respond to the comment request.

A Facebook spokeswoman said, “Privacy and protection of personal information are important to ensure that people can use our services safely.

“Under our Global Community Standards, we do not allow you to post personal or confidential information about others, such as your address or phone number, so we will remove such content if you notice it.”

By Mayan Rubel

Epoch Times staff contributed to this report