Israeli Netanyahu in court as States parties place importance on his destiny

Jerusalem-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial resumed on Monday, with major witnesses drawing pictures of Israeli leaders obsessed with images, flattering families and desecrating enemies on prominent news sites ..

Testimony appears that Netanyahu’s chances of securing his next term following last month’s parliamentary elections have diminished in high-stakes political negotiations hosted by the president of a country just a few miles away. I came for the sake of it.

In a nationally aired speech, Netanyahu accused the prosecutor of persecuting him to undermine the will of voters and make him absent.

“This is what the coup attempt looks like,” he said.

In post-election ceremonies, President Reuven Rivlin consulted with various political parties elected to parliament before selecting candidates to form a new government.

With neither Netanyahu nor his main rival Yair Lapid gaining the support of a majority of lawmakers, Librin faced a daunting challenge and the country faced an unprecedented five consecutive election campaigns in the coming weeks. There is a risk of rushing into.

Late Wednesday, Rapid called on the country’s anti-Netanyahu faction, a patchwork of parties with significant ideological differences, to set aside their differences and form a unified government. He offered a power-sharing rotation to Naftali Bennett, the leader of the small right-wing party, and said Bennett was the first prime minister.

“Anyone who sees Netanyahu’s reckless performance today understands that he can’t keep up,” Rapid said. “We know how to fill the division. We don’t hate each other.”

Netanyahu was charged with fraud, back office, and bribery in three separate cases. The minutes on Monday for the first time in two months marked the beginning of a stage of evidence that a long line of witnesses opposed the prime minister.

This session focused on the most serious incidents against Netanyahu. Netanyahu has been accused of promoting regulations that would benefit Bezeq’s carriers by hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for active coverage of Bezeq’s popular news site, Walla.

Former editor-in-chief of Walla, Iran Yeshua, announced that Bezeq owners Shoal and Iris Elovich had an advantage over Netanyahu, explaining a system that repeatedly pressured the prime minister’s rivals to be defiled.

What explanation did he give from the couple? “That’s what the prime minister wanted,” he said.

Israeli business Shaul Elovitch
Israeli businessman Shaul Elovitch and his wife Iris attended a hearing of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption crime trial at the Jerusalem District Court in Salah El-Din, East Jerusalem, on April 5, 2021. .. (AbirSultan / Pool Photo via AP)

He said the pressure “lasted for hours” over the years. Elotviches, who is also the defendant in the case, chose photos, headlines, word choices, and other content.

Yeshua also ordered him to write a disadvantageous article about Netanyahu’s rivals and said he gave them a derogatory nickname. Former Netanyahu ally rival Naftali Bennett was called a “naughty religionist,” and former North African finance minister Moshe Kahlon was called “smiley” and “Arab.”

Yeshua said he had never spoken directly to Netanyahu and was a mediator, including former Netanyahu aide Nir Hefez, who is expected to become a state witness and testify to the Prime Minister. He said that there was also a request from the person.

“It was clear that we needed to meet Nil’s request to post positive articles and remove negative ones,” Yeshua said.

He said his staff was furious with pressure and an editor even called the prime minister “Kim” after North Korean dictator Kim Jung-eun.

He said Shoal Elovich called Netanyahu a “big guy” and would also display a text message from Yale, the prime minister’s son, asking him to change or delete the article.

At some point in the proceedings, Iris Elovich shouted, “How much can you lie?”

In another case, Netanyahu has been accused of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts from wealthy associates, including Hollywood movie mogul Arnon Milchan and Australian billionaire James Packer. In the third case, Netanyahu has been accused of trying to coordinate aggressive coverage in major Israeli newspapers in exchange for curbing the distribution of free parent Netanyahu tabloids. Netanyahu rejects all claims.

In a statement aired on television, Netanyahu accused the prosecutor of “hunting witches” against him.

“They didn’t investigate the crime. They weren’t looking for the crime,” he said. “They chased the man. They chased me.”

At the beginning of Monday’s session, Netanyahu sat with his lawyer and Chief Prosecutor Liat Benari read the accusations against him.

“The relationship between Netanyahu and the defendant has become a currency and can be traded,” she said. “Currency can distort the judgment of civil servants.”

Then he left the court before Yeshua’s testimony.

Outside the courtroom, dozens of supporters and opponents of the prime minister gathered to emphasize the deep division of Israel and protest in the heavy presence of police.

Israeli protesters
When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s convoy arrives at the district court in Jerusalem for a hearing in a corruption trial on April 5, 2021, police officers guard in front of protesters. (Maya Alleruzzo / AP Photo)

The verdict can be months or years ahead, but the process is expected to be up to three days a week.

The March 23 election was considered a referendum against Netanyahu’s leadership, and opponents said politicians on trial for serious charges were unfit for governance. Israel’s fourth election in two years ended in a dead end.

One day after the talks, neither Netanyahu’s allies nor enemies secured a majority of 61 seats. The party recommending Netanyahu holds a total of 52 seats, and the party recommending Rapid holds 45 seats. The two Arab parties, which hold a total of 10 seats, and the small New Hope party, led by a former Netanyahu ally who is currently opposed to him, did not recommend candidates.

Bennett, the leader of the right-wing Yamina party, recommended himself as a compromise.

Yamina has only seven seats in parliament. But Bennett wants to be a consensus candidate who can bridge the deep gaps between rival factions.

Librin must elect a prime minister until midnight Wednesday-nominate a prime minister given up to 6 weeks to form a coalition. If he feels that there is no clear choice, he can send the matter directly to the Knesset and order lawmakers to choose a member as prime minister or force another election.

Israeli law does not require the prime minister to resign during the indictment, and Netanyahu refuses to resign. Some of Netanyahu’s opposition talked about passing a bill prohibiting the indicted politician from serving as prime minister to disqualify him prior to the next election.

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