Israeli officials say a cargo ship may have been attacked on its way to the UAE: Israeli media

Jerusalem / Dubai-Israeli defense officials said they were checking if Israeli troops were behind a possible attack on a partially owned Israeli cargo ship on their way from Jedda to the United Arab Emirates. Israeli N12 TV News reported.

Citing an unnamed source within the Israeli defense facility, the N12 said the crew was not injured, the ship that could have hit the missile was not severely damaged, and it continued to sail after the incident. .. Lebanese parent Iranian television channel Al Mayadeen had previously reported the incident.

According to N12, the vessel Tyndall is owned by Zodiac Maritime Ltd, an international vessel management company headquartered in London, and later does not own or control CSAVTyndall.

According to Refinitiv Eikon’s vessel tracking data, the CSAV Tyndall container vessel sailing under the Liberia flag last anchored at Jeddah and is now off the coast of Dubai.

A UAE spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment. Israeli authorities did not make immediate comments.

The Iranian media widely reported the attack, citing Al Mayadeen, one of the first media outlets to report an attack on a commercial vessel owned by an Israeli company in April.

Iran’s largest naval vessel sank in early June after firing in the Gulf of Oman. This seems to be the latest incident in a sensitive waterway area where the great enemies Iran and Israel exchanged accusations of attacks on each other’s ships.

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