Israeli Olympic heroes can’t get married, but that may change soon


Artyom Dorgopiato and Maria Masha Sakovicas.

Artyom Dorgopiato and Maria Masha Sakovicas. Illustrated | AP image, iStock

Artem Dolgopyat is the national hero of Israel. A small country champion gymnast with few world-class athletes, Dorgopiat won his second victory in Israel. gold medal At the Tokyo Olympics.

Dorgopiat is also a symbol of long-standing controversy. Under Israeli law, all marriages must be carried out by legally recognized religious authorities. For Jews, it means chief flavinate dominated by Haredi (so-called “super-orthodox”) officials.

He emigrated under the Israeli Law of Return, which guarantees citizenship to those with at least one Jewish grandparent, but Rabinate religioned Ukrainian-born Dorgopia because his mother was not. Not recognized as a Jew. As a result, Dorgopiat is unable to marry his longtime girlfriend in the state of Israel.

This is a common situation.Dorgopiato is about 400,000 immigrant Israelis A person who is not legally Jewish. As a result, they are unable to participate in an approved marriage. Pagan couples face similar problems.

But that may be Research According to a religious freedom group, Hidush found that 65% of Jewish Israelis supported the establishment of civil marriage outside the authority of Chief Rabinate.

It’s no wonder that supporters of leftist parties support this concept. However, the conservative Likud and the majority of voters in Israel’s home shared the same view. And there is a hint that opinions are changing in the Harried community.Last week, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Heim Cohen, wrote a column that considered sharper things. Separation Between religion and nation.

The idea that both religious communities and governments benefit from different areas of activity is a classic element of Western liberalism. According to Hiddush’s research, that view is still very unpopular among voters in Haredi, at least when marriage is involved. Nevertheless, despite the current government’s fierce criticism, Haredi’s leadership appears to be aware of the practical limits of its ability to regulate the majority of non-Haredies. Dorgopiat and others in his situation may not have to wait that long.

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