Israeli Rapid agrees to establish a new government to defeat Netanyahu

Jerusalem-Israeli opposition leaders abdicate on Wednesday when Israeli opposition leaders officially notify the country’s president that they have reached an agreement with a political ally to establish a new government Approaching the.

According to a party statement, Yair Lapid emailed President Reuven Rivlin about 30 minutes before the midnight deadline:

“I am honored to announce that the government has been successfully established.” According to his office, Librin, who was attending the Israeli football cup final at the time, congratulated Rapid on the phone.

Rapid’s primary partner is Naftali Bennett, who will be the first prime minister under a rotation between the two men that Rapid will take over about two years later.

Their coalition government consists of a jumble of small and medium-sized parties from the entire political spectrum, including the first party in Israel’s history to represent 21% of Israel’s minority Arabs.

However, the new government, which has a very thin majority in parliament, is expected to swear about 10 days from now, and Netanyahu’s camp attempts to stop by turning lawmakers to their side and voting against them. There is a little room left to do. That. Israeli political analysts widely expected Netanyahu to try every possible political tactic to achieve this.

After Prime Minister Netanyahu’s failure to establish a coalition government as a result of the March 23 elections, Mr Rapid was tasked with establishing a coalition government.

“This government works for all Israeli citizens, both those who vote for it and those who do not. It respects opponents and does everything possible to unite and unite all parts of Israeli society. “I will do it,” Rapid said on Twitter.

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