Israeli Rapid recruits Gantz and approaches withdrawal from Netanyahu

Jerusalem-Israeli opposition leaders approached establishing a new government after retiring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and agreeing on terms with several political parties, including one led by Defense Minister Benny Gantz. Said the spokesman.

Netanyahu, who has been the top office for 12 years, was often a polarized person at home and abroad. At the end of his tenure, he may be freed from domestic political turmoil, but major changes in Israel’s foreign policy appear to be less visible to solid US allies.

Yar Rapid, who was tasked with forming the next coalition government after the conservative Netanyahu was unsuccessful in the March 23 general election, needs to submit a final draft by midnight local time on Wednesday. There is.

Rapid, a 57-year-old former television host and writer, has not yet signed a contract with his key partner, Naftali Bennett. Naftali Bennett is a proposed rotation between two men. First to serve as prime minister below.

Yard Rapid
Yair Lapid makes a statement to the press before a party faction meeting in Knesset, Israel, on May 31, 2021 in Jerusalem, Israel. (Debbie Hill / Pool via Reuters)

Rapid’s Yesh Atid and Gantz’s Blue and White parties said in a joint statement that they “agreeed on a government outline and core issues related to democracy and strengthening Israeli society.”

Both parties said Mr Gantz would remain the defense minister in the new cabinet.

The first Arab party in the government?

Netanyahu, 71, said he was trying to undermine the credibility of two other lawmakers in talks with Bennett and Rapid, who were jeopardizing Israel’s security.

With their doors open, Israel’s longest-serving leader, who was first elected prime minister a quarter of a century ago, says he is still capable of forming the next government.

A spokeswoman for Rapid said that the left-wing Meretz Party and Labor Party have also reached an agreement with the Israeli Beitenu Party, a nationalist of former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The Unified Arab List was also negotiating to join the coalition. If realized, it will be the first time in Israeli history that an independent Arab party will become a member of the government.

If Rapid misses Wednesday’s deadline, the 28-day presidential term to form a coalition will end. Congress will decide on new candidates within three weeks.

If that fails, Israel will have its next election, the fifth in about two years.

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