Israeli soldiers kill Palestinians in a clash on the west bank of the Jordan River, terrorist groups say

Ramallah on the West Bank — Israeli soldiers shot and killed Palestinians on the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, medical personnel and terrorist groups said in a clash after the arrest.

It was the second time in two days that Israeli troops killed Palestinians during a midnight invasion.

Israeli troops said the army had arrested two suspects in an incident called “counterterrorism” in the city of Genin. After that, dozens of Palestinians threw rocks and explosives, fired at the soldiers, and the soldiers responded with live ammunition.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accused the attack of the murdered man, Ahmad Masad, for summary execution.

The videos disseminated on social media seemed to show that at least one Palestinian was firing a rifle on the street, as more gunshots were heard. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group said in a statement that Masad was one of its members and was killed “when confronting the occupying forces.”

Israel has intensified its invasion of the West Bank following a series of recent deadly Palestinian and Arab attacks, killing 14 people in the country, including three police officers. Subsequent raids on the Palestinian town caused deadly clashes, killing at least 17 Palestinians (including armed groups and civilians) by Israeli forces.

Peace talks between Israel and Palestinians broke down in 2014, leaving the prospects for their resurrection bleak. The Palestinian Authority, which has limited governance on the West Bank, regularly condemns Israel’s assault on lands seeking an independent state.

By Ali Sawafta and Maayan Lubell