Istanbul roads paralyzed after heavy snowfall

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Thousands of Spanish farmers march to demand action

Over 40 tractors, 50 horses, 15 cow-drawn carriages, and working dogs and pets marching, protesters have banned pet sales, complaining that they are not protected from cheap food imports. , There are new legislation aimed at protecting wolves. “Our village is dying without an organization to help us,” said Antonio Donoso, a farmer in Madrid. Last year, the government declared Iberian wolves a protected species and imposed a national hunting ban, and groups under the Alma Rural (Rural Soul) protested to increase visibility into rural issues, with farmers and We have gathered more than 300 organizations in Madrid, including bullfighting and pet breeders. After he criticized the environmental impact of megafarms between the Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzon and meat producers, he called the meat they produce low quality and reconsidered their carnivorous habits that prompted Spain. Rds to do.