“It doesn’t seem that bad”

  • Newsmax’s Greg Kelly downplayed Rudy Giuliani’s allegations about a violent attack in a supermarket.

  • “To be honest, it doesn’t seem that bad,” Kelly said after playing a clip of the case.

  • Giuliani claimed he was almost defeated.

Conservative Newsmax Channel Host Challenges Rudolph Giuliani He claims to have been badly attacked “It doesn’t look that bad,” he said at a grocery store in New York on Monday.

Greg Kelly, an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, spoke to Giuliani from his son Andrew Giuliani’s campaign trail. Candidate for Governor of New York..You can do it Look at the replacement clip here.

Giuliani said he was speaking from Staten Island. Where I was attacked yesterday.. “

On Sunday, Giuliani said he Almost collapsed in the attack According to supermarket workers, it gave him “terrible pain in my back” and said he felt like someone had shot him. He also said the man was insulted and filthy for overturning the Roe v. Wade case in a Supreme Court ruling last week.

Security footage seemed to show Giuliani being slapped on his back with his open hands, but there was little risk of him falling.

At Newsmax on Monday, Kelly asked Giuliani to comment on the footage.

“You tell me, because … this guy with a hand on your back, I have to be honest, it doesn’t look that bad,” Kelly said. “But I understand that the look can be fooled.”

Giuliani claimed that Kelly was looking at another person in the video, just as the video showed a man slapping his back.

“It was the woman who was rubbing my back, not the man who hit me,” Giuliani said.

Kelly didn’t disagree with this, saying, “It makes sense. Look closely, I’m sorry you’ve been ravaged, but the campaign is out of the way.”

Kelly was one of several Newsmax hosts who endorsed and shared false allegations about fraudulent elections that prevailed in 2020. As reported by insider Charles R. Davis..

on monday, Police downgraded charges It is identified as a male — Daniel Gill — with two additional charges of three threats and two harassments, from two assault charges of felony to misdemeanor charges of three assaults.

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