It is expected that the X70 series released in September will use Vivo’s self-developed V1 ISP chip

Vivo X60 Pro+

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Mobile phone manufacturers that have invested in chip research and development have now added Vivo.Earlier, when the company’s executive vice president and COO Hu Baishan was interviewed by many mediadisclose, Vivo has built its first chip V1. Like many other brands trying in the same direction, their debut is also an ISP. Vivo is mainly responsible for the IP design and related algorithms of this product, and testing, tape-out and other links will be handed over to partners.

According to Hu Baishan, V1 actually started the project two years ago. If nothing else, it will debut on the X70 series, which is expected to be unveiled in September. It is said to be able to bring many improvements in night shooting, frame rate enhancement, and temperature control. In addition, the manufacturer of the exploration flagship NEX series that has not been updated for a long time has finally shared some new developments. The new machine is planned to be officially released in the first half of next year.