It is rumored that Spotify is considering extending its business to the field of ticket sales

The Black Keys


according to The Information According to reports, Spotify is “considering” entering the field of performance ticketing. In the future, it may sell tickets for online and live events through its platform in order to achieve the purpose of expanding its business. But for Spotify, the profit from ticket sales may not be its most concerned part. The real value of this new initiative is to improve the relationship between them and the artists. The report pointed out that Spotify may use the platform’s listening data to help artists plan successful activities in places that are easily overlooked by most promoters. In this way, artists can better feel the sincerity of Spotify’s cooperation, the latter will have a greater competitive advantage over rivals such as Apple Music.

In fact, Spotify had already held several pre-recorded online performances before this, and the success from this is said to have “convinced” Spotify in the direction of ticketing development in the future. If it really takes this step in the end, the next step is to see how Apple Music will take over.

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