“It will be more corrupt and lawless.”

George Conway

George T. Conway III, husband of President Kellyanne Conway’s White House counselor, will attend the 139th Easter Eggroll at the White House’s South Lawn on April 17, 2017 in Washington, DC. ..Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

  • If Trump is reelected, allies have plans to fill more federal jobs with supporters, Axios report.

  • George Conway told CNN that the plan would replace thousands of civil servants with “super-MAGA” people.

  • “It will be more corrupt and lawless than what has been seen in the last four years,” he said.

George Conway said that if former President Donald Trump was reelected in 2024, his administration would be more corrupt than last time.

“He was good at tearing guardrails for four years. Now he wants to destroy all guardrails, even if it means the cost of a civil servant. If it means the cost of a basically functioning US government. But, “Mr. Conway said. CNN..

Conway responded to reports that Trump plans to fill various government positions with supporters.

Axios Trump’s allies have reported that they are already planning ways to reorganize the federal government if they are re-elected in 2024. People familiar with the plan told Axios that the plan included “pushing out” thousands of civil servants and putting their supporters in top positions.

Conway, who has spoken out against Trump and his policies, said the new plan would appear to exclude even those who choose the country over the party.

“They plan to make a list of people who are more loyal to Trump than the Constitution, select people from that list, and not only increase the number of jobs they can appoint,” he said. Said. ..

According to Axios, the plan includes a resurgence of the “Schedule F” executive order, which was deleted after President Joe Biden took office, thereby providing a new category of federal labor that has some influence on policy. Is born.

“They want to abandon thousands of civil servants and allow super-MAGA people to come in,” Conway said. “This will be more corrupt and lawless than what we’ve seen in the last four years.”

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