It won’t be easy for China to make peace with Russia, Ukraine: analyst


Brokering a “peace deal” between Russia and Ukraine will not be easy for China, according to Chinese economic analyst Antonio Gracefo.

Beijing on February 24th position paper It outlined the Communist Party of China’s desire to be a mediator in disputes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow for a three-day official visit on March 20, where Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin are to discuss China’s proposals for resolving the dispute in Ukraine. was expected.

Mr Gracefo said that the Xi-Putin meeting would not be enough to reassure the Russian public that China still supports Moscow and the Russian people and the war, given the fact that “Putin has been completely banished from the world”. said to have reconfirmed to

Ukraine, on the other hand, has clarified the requirement that Russia must withdraw troops from its territorial countries, according to Ukrainian terms, Graceffo said. The peace deal should also mean that Russia will pay reparations to Ukraine for all the life and destruction it has caused.

“and [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky even said about a week ago that he wanted Crimea back. That’s his country. It was stolen by Russia,” said Graceffo.

“I don’t know how Xi can effectively come up with a peace plan acceptable to Zelensky,” Gracefo said in Epoch Times sister media NTD’s “China in Focus.” rice field.

Xi pushed for peace proposals for the war in Ukraine last week after successfully mediating a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Graceffo said.

“And now Xi Jinping has realized that he can get many positive reinforcements that are recognized by the world as a peacemaker. Let’s help the rest of the world,” Gracefo said of the Chinese Communist Party.

But as for the Ukrainian peace plan, I don’t think Xi will commit because he’s a “cage politician” who realizes this peace deal is likely to fail.

Inconvenience of the Russian economy

Graceffo said the sanctions imposed by the West since the outbreak of the Russian War “really paralyzed the Russian economy”.

He pointed to the $60-a-barrel price cap that the United States and its allies have imposed on Russian crude exports since last December.

“Also, European and American flagships and European and American insurers will not insure Russian oil-carrying vessels sold for more than $60. Soon, in December, this will already be It had a negative impact on the Russian economy.

Russia’s revenues have plummeted since January, leading to a record budget deficit, according to the report. bloomberg.

And the tipping ban imposed on Russia by the US and its allies last year has left Russia short on stockpiles of weapons, especially ammunition and machinery, Graceffo said.

“I believe the Russian economy is in dramatically worse shape this year than last year.”