Italy enters a strict three-day blockade during Easter

Rome-Italy has entered a three-day strict national blockade to thwart Easter trips, saying the government will help prevent a new outbreak of coronavirus.

Although infection rates are declining, the Ministry of Health has placed all areas in the strictest “red zone” blockade until Monday as a precautionary measure. The blockade announced last month means that each household is restricted to no more than two adult visitors and children under the age of 14 to personally move to external areas.

Non-required shops are closed and restaurants and bars are only available for takeaway. The place of worship is open and church attendees can participate in worship services in their area.

Police have set up road checks to make sure people are near their homes. On Easter weekends, additional patrols were ordered to divide large gatherings in squares and parks, which are usually full of picnics.

In Italy, where the outbreak began in Europe, 3.6 million cases of coronavirus and more than 110,000 deaths have been recorded, with more deaths than in European countries other than the United Kingdom.

The government has given 10.8 million vaccines, but only 3.3 million of the country’s 60 million have been vaccinated with both.

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