Italy imposes new restrictions on unvaccinated


After the introduction of the “Super Green Pass”, unvaccinated people will face severe restrictions in Italy after the government has announced that it will ban many leisure activities.

The new vaccine passport will be valid from December 6th. To enter indoor restaurants, cinemas, theaters and sports, people need to be vaccinated or prove that they have recovered from COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. Venue, gym, night club, etc.

The country’s current “Green Pass” regulations allow negative test results within 48 hours to access such venues. However, from December 6th to January 15th, negative tests are not enough for leisure activities.

Restrictions can extend beyond January 15 in areas where cases of CCP virus or associated hospitalizations are increasing.

The government has also decided to require the existing Green Pass to use public transportation in the city. Given the busy rush hour situation, we recognize that this is difficult to do. ItalyBus and subway. According to the government, for access to public transport, the Green Pass will be available not only to vaccinated people, but also to those who test negative.

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi said new steps are needed to curb the “slow but steady” increase in CCP virus cases across the country.

“The situation in bordering countries is very serious, and the situation in Italy is slowly but constantly deteriorating,” Draghi told reporters after the Cabinet unanimously approved the new regulation. rice field.

“We want to be very careful to protect what the Italians have achieved last year,” he said, implying a fierce blockade of Italy in 2020.

“We are starting to return to normal. We want to maintain this normality,” he added.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Mimi Nguyen Lee


Mimi Nguyen Ly is a global news reporter based in Australia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in optometry and visual science. Contact her at [email protected].