Italy Mandates Vaccine Passports for All Workers: Official

The Italian government is preparing an obligation to require all workers to have a COVID-19 “green pass”, a type of vaccine passport, officials said Thursday.

“We are heading for a mandatory green pass not only for public sector workers but also for private sector workers,” said Regional Minister Mariastella Gelmini. Quoted as a saying By local on Wednesday. “Vaccines are the only weapon we have against COVID and can only be contained by vaccination of the majority of the population,” she said.

Mariastella said the Cabinet meeting would be a “significant moment” in mandating green passes for all private and public sector workers in the country. If Italy carries out its mission, it will be the first country in Europe to do so.

Some European countries, such as France and Switzerland, have vaccination passport requirements at venues such as gyms, restaurants, bars, and similar companies, and for long-distance travel. However, there is nothing yet required for employees in the private sector. Last week, President Joe Biden announced that he would instruct the federal government to enforce rules that about 80 million US private employees should be vaccinated or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing.

In France, large-scale weekly demonstrations are held to counter vaccine passports. Opponents of the rule say it is discriminatory and tramples on individual freedom.

According to Reuters, Italian officials said workers could be suspended and lose their wages if they did not have a Green Pass, or “certificazione verde” in Italian. It was not immediately clear if it could be used as a reason for dismissal.

The move aims to promote more vaccinations in Italy, Health Minister Robert Spinoza argued in an interview this week. according to To the Italian media. Italian officials say they want to vaccinate everyone over the age of 12 by the end of the month.

In the United States, Los Angeles County on Wednesday will become the most populous municipality implementing vaccine passports to enter certain businesses such as bars, night clubs, breweries, lounges, and related businesses, the county public health director. Dr. Barbara Feller of the United States said: Supervisory committee meeting. New York City, New Orleans, and San Francisco impose similar requirements.

“This is a reasonable step forward to better interrupt the surge cycle,” Feller told the board. “This amended health officer’s order is in line with the ongoing need to reduce the risk of infection and expand the scope of vaccination,” she added.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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Jack phillips

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