Italy says it can’t recognize the Taliban government, but Afghans must be helped


Rome-Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Sunday that Afghanistan’s Tullivan government would not be allowed, but urged foreign governments to prevent a financial collapse that would cause a large flow of immigrants.

Italy chairs the G20 every year and aims to host a special summit in Afghanistan.

Dimaio, who chaired the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in New York last week, said, “The Tullivan government has approved it because there are 17 terrorists among the ministers and the human rights of women and girls are continuously violated. It’s impossible. ” Owned TV Rye 3.

But the people of Afghanistan should start receiving frozen financial support after the Taliban came to power last month, he said.

“After a while, they will not be able to pay. Obviously, we must prevent the flow of uncontrolled migration that could implode Afghanistan and destabilize neighboring countries. Must be, “said Dimaio.

“There is a way to guarantee financial support without giving the Taliban money, and I agreed that some humanitarian aid should always be directed to the protection of women and girls.”

According to Dimaio, the G20 countries are working with neighboring countries in Afghanistan to combat terrorism and protect human rights.

Dimaio was asked if a date was set for G20 leaders to meet in Afghanistan, saying “in the coming weeks.”

“The date has not yet been announced, but the conditions are in place to convene a G20 summit chaired by Prime Minister Mario Draghi,” he said.