Italy will receive 40,000 Merck antivirals next week: Official

Milan — Italy plans to administer about 40,000 Merck COVID-19 antivirals next week, which will be added to the approximately 12,000 already distributed to hospitals, a special COVID-19 commissioner said on Sunday. Stated.

“These are targeted at clinical cases at risk of serious consequences for the disease,” Francesco Figriuolo told a television show on the RAI3 channel in Italy.

Italy also plans to take 200,000 courses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 drug in February, adding that Rome has the option to purchase another 400,000 more Pfizer’s Paxrovid.

The office of the COVID Emergency Special Committee said in November that it had been commissioned by the Ministry of Health to purchase 50,000 courses of Merck pills and another 50,000 courses of Pfizer pills.