ITC preliminarily ruled that Google infringed five Sonos patents




Sonos was the first to win a patent war against Google. On Friday, ITC ruled that Google infringed five Sonos patents and issued an injunction requiring Google not to introduce infringing related equipment. “We are very satisfied with ITC’s confirmation that Google blatantly infringed Sonos’ patented inventions.” Sonos Chief Legal Officer Eddie Lazarus said. “This ruling reaffirms the strength and breadth of our patent portfolio. It can be regarded as Sonos is a milestone in the long-term fight against technological misappropriation and innovation by oligarchs.”

However, it should be noted that this time the judge gave onlyPreliminary ruling. According to the current plan, ITC’s final decision may not come out until December 13. It is hard to say whether Google can win some room for maneuver. “We do not use Sonos technology. We have always competed with product quality and creative advantages.” Google representative José Castañeda said, “We do not recognize the results of the preliminary ruling, and will fight for reasons in the subsequent review process.”