It’s not just McConnell.Many whites don’t think blacks are real “Americans”

Seeing Mitch McConnell being used as a pinata does not hurt your heart.

He is a peculiar devout hypocrisy man who can influence the integrity of his moist eyes while ruthlessly chopping his feet from under democracy. Whether it’s stealing a seat in the Supreme Court or defending an undefended president, his psychic powers know he’s lying, but still straighten everything. It is a mysterious ability to lie to keep in.

So, as it happened last week after rhetorically implying that an African-American is something other than a real American, he doesn’t cry to see him being beaten. But both enthusiastic critics and casual observers say that in the end this isn’t just McConnell’s problem, a temporary rant that reflects just one senator’s clumsy syntax. I hope you understand.

For those who missed it, Summary: Last week, a minority leader was asked about African-American fears that the Senate did not pass a law to expand and defend voting rights. rice field. According to statistics, African-American voters vote as high as Americans. “


It was the framing he was naturally looting. A black voter filled Twitter with his image about a variation of his message “We Are Americans” with the hashtag #MitchPlease. The NAACP boldly tweeted, “Senator McConnell, what’s the difference between African Americans and Americans?” On Friday, McConnell claims he’s going to say “all Americans,” and if your mouth angers you while your brain isn’t working, you’ll also say ” Dubbed the “very unpleasant” criticism.

But if you think McConnell is the only one who needs to remember that you’re not paying attention, as the black poet Langston Hughes once said, “I’m singing America too.” You missed NBC’s “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd. “Parents” may be worried about critical race theory, while “parents of color” may have a different view. I also missed a CBS News tweet, “Is it too young to teach children about race?” It’s as if children of color don’t learn about race at about the same time they learn to walk. Finally, I missed all the news articles that reporters talk about when they mean “white” about “working class voters,” “suburban mothers,” and “evangelicals.” They live outside the city as if blacks and browns weren’t working. Or go to church.

Indeed, this is not a torch and hood prejudice. No, this rhetorical separation of black “Africans” and “Americans” from the normal human function “only” represents the prejudice of the tacit assumption. .. Still, they do.

For them, white is the default position, a common American color, and in fact a general human. In contrast, black and brown are exotic colors, and it is worth noting only how they deviate, challenge, or clash with perceived norms.

That’s what McConnell’s mouth revealed about him. But he has to realize that it’s not an outlier. Inaccurate words are not a sin here either. Rather, it is a language that implicitly denies, inherits, and despises tens of millions of people who are as “American” as Mitch McConnell on his best days. Yes, that is the “only” prejudice of the tacit assumption.

But that is the most common type.