Ivana Trump dies of blunt trauma, coroner rules



Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, died of “injuries from a blunt impact on her torso,” a New York City coroner said Friday.

A 73-year-old woman was found dead under the stairs at her home in Manhattan on Thursday afternoon. Her death was determined to be an “accident,” the New York City Inspection Director said in a statement.

The revelation comes after a close friend says Trump’s patriarch couldn’t walk and had a hard time leaving her house in the weeks before her death.

Zack Eldem refuses to interview but confirms previous comments New York post, Trump said he had a back problem that limited her ability to walk. He added that “her sickness” was when her previous model last talked to her two weeks ago.

“She said she had a pain in her leg,” he told the paper. “She couldn’t get out of her house.”

“Survivor”: Trump family in mourning after discovering Ivana dead at home

Erdem owns and operates the popular Southampton Restaurant 75 Main. Joe and Jill Biden— Frequent trips to the Hamptons.

When Eldem insists that Trump visits a doctor, he says the previous model replied: “No, I hate going to the doctor. Going to the doctor makes me more sick.”

A 42-year-old restaurant owner said Trump had planned a trip to his restaurant two weeks ago but couldn’t make it from her home. She then told Eldem, whom she first met when she was a busboy at a Manhattan restaurant nearly 15 years ago, that she would visit him after a trip to Saint-Tropez, France, scheduled to begin on Friday.

“She called last week and said,’I can’t wait to see you,'” he told the paper.

Trump was discovered the night before she was found dead. The Daily mail She reported having a meal at her “favorite Italian” restaurant. Artesi was just a few blocks from her house and she was “well”, the restaurant owner said.

Her attitude was cheerful, but Aletesi owner Paola Alavian said Czech-Americans “may be a little tired” and ordered “a very small amount of food.”

I couldn’t ask Arabian for comment on Friday, but another family source said Daily mail Trump’s health was “declining for a while.”

Police say Trump was in cardiac arrest before going down the stairs at her four-story townhouse on the Upper East Side. When she arrived at her job, staff found her body and called 911.

Trump left behind three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. All of this was spent with Donald when she married the former president between 1977 and 1992. She also had 10 grandchildren.

In a statement to The Daily Beast on Thursday, the Trumps called Ivana “incredible women, business power, world-class athletes, brilliant beauty, and compassionate mothers and friends.”

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