Ivanka may just turn her dad upside down, says Mary Trump

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo by Peter Sarling

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo by Peter Sarling

The Trump Organization is feeling the heat right now. CFO charged with theft..The prosecutor Clear to get that money man, Allen Weisserberg, Turn over the boss. However, one interested observer says there may be another member of Trump’s crew who is even more likely to turn on Don: his daughter Ivanka.

Both Ivanka and Weisserberg have been charged with Manhattan prosecutors Report from The· New York Times You should believe it. Both are officers of the Trump organization and At the same time I was a consultant for the company,Also. This is an arrangement that appears to protect all parties involved from paying taxes, and like his father’s CFO, Ivanka can be accused of tax evasion.

“She is far less likely to remain loyal than Allen Weisserberg,” he says. Mary trump, A member of a family famous for turning on the clan.

“Wait, wait, oops. You think Ivanka Is it less likely to maintain loyalty than Allen Weisserberg? Did her dad give her a job at the White House? Incredible Molly Yong Fast to Mary Trump New Abnormal..

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“But Allen was doing a pretty easy gig where he was, and I think it’s counterintuitive enough to hear this in a grand plan of things, but Ivanka. I think there’s one more thing to lose and two things to cling to. Her husband’s family is legally very wealthy, “says Mary Trump.

She believes there are many similarities between the new proceedings against Weisselberg and the legal dispute with her uncle, the former president. “The kind of fraud alleged here is exactly what my aunt and uncle did to me,” she says. “The pattern strongly suggests intention, right?”

She adds: “My aunt and uncle were my trustees after my dad died. They should have helped protect my investment. And one of those investments was with Midland Associates. It was an investment in a partnership called. This was essentially paid by my grandfather’s core business, Trump Management. [it] Manage him [real estate] Property. And in the 80’s, after my father died, they founded a shell company called All County. Its purpose was to suck money from both Midland Associates and my grandfather’s business. Second, he was able to significantly reduce the value of Trump Management, claiming it was only worth $ 30 million when he died, eliminating the need to pay an inheritance tax of nearly $ 500 million. That is. “

“I think my case also sets a precedent for what hopefully the fraud case sets,” she concludes.

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