Ivanka Trump wanted to be at the center of all that.And now, Boohu, she

White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump (center) will arrive at an event with President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the East Room of the White House in Washington on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.  (AP Photo / Susan Walsh)

Ivanka Trump at the White House event between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in January 2020. (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

The fate of the Capitol on the day of the riot, believed by some White House insiders, rested on Ivanka Trump’s slender shoulders.

It’s clear that only one person on the planet can get him rid of the dog, as President Trump saw the riots unfold on January 6, 2021 and didn’t want to intervene. Became: his eldest daughter.

I just wonder what would have happened with her Did not Intervened.

After all, it It took him a few hours Ask the mob to knock it off. And yet, he didn’t seem to be particularly upset by bloodshed and violence. “Go home,” he told them. Recorded video.. “We love you, you are very special.”

On Thursday, Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), Chairman of the bipartisan house committee investigating January 6, told Ivanka what she knew in advance and how terrible it was. I encouraged you to see, hear, and testify about what you did. She is part of the first Trump family asked.

and 8-page letter Thompson politely extended the invitation, crammed with juicy details about what the Commission had learned so far.

“We respect your privacy. Our question is on January 6th, the activities that contributed to or influenced the event, and issues related to your role in the White House during that period. Limited. “

Of course, they need to hear from Ivanka. She was in the room where it happened.

As a presidential adviser and head of the White House Office for economic initiative and entrepreneurship, Ivanka was the Trump administration’s Zerig. She was everywhere, stopped by with world leaders for photography, disappeared during the heat, and gained ridiculous credit, According to her father’s insane estimate For creating 14 million jobs.

Apparently none of Trump’s staff had enough juice for him to act on January 6th. [Chief of Staff] Mark Meadows or [spokeswoman] Kaley McKenny or [presidential advisor] Keith Kellogg, but could he say yes to his daughter? A member of the committee asked when Kellogg testified.

“That’s right,” replied Kellogg, who was also the Vice President’s National Security Adviser.

Ivanka was right there when Trump screwed Pence and tossed Biden’s winning voter votes, or at least delayed counting.

So far, Ivanka, who crouched after the impeached father resigned, has not publicly accepted the commission’s invitation. I think you can understand it. She filled her hands last week.

New York Ati on Tuesday, two days before Thompson’s invitation landed.Submitted by General Letitia James investigating alleged financial fraud in the Trump Organization Detailed legal notes of the state court, Explain why Ivanka, her brother Donald Trump Jr. and her father cannot refuse to accept her subpoena demanding testimony about family business.

They said that her legally issued subpoena summoned on December 1st was “Unprecedented and unconstitutional operation.. “

but, As James wrote in the filingSubpoenas to top and former corporate officers are “everyday in complex financial investigations and are well guaranteed here.”

Eric Trump has repeatedly called on the privileges of his Fifth Amendment so that James has already testified and is not guilty of himself. (What did Donald Trump once say about taking fifth place? Oh, yes: “The mob is in 5th place. If you are innocent, why are you taking Article 5 of the Constitutional Amendment? “)

It’s not yet clear what’s wrong with the New York investigation, but a large number of documents obtained by investigators show families who appear to have significantly inflated the value of their assets at their convenience. ..

James has not yet decided whether to take “citizen corrective action” against Trump, but her office wrote in a court document:Of economic benefits such as loans, insurance coverage, tax credits, etc.

Why does Ivanka need to worry?

Because as James Note of the second memoAlso submitted on Tuesday, she was the executive vice president of the Trump company for development and acquisition until at least 2016 and until January 2017 at Deutsche Bank’s “key contacts”, the company’s largest lender. did.she has I skated on thin legal ice beforeIn 2012, Ivanka and her brother Don Jr. almost avoid being charged with felony fraud after misleading future condo buyers about how much units are selling in a project called Trump SoHo. I did. Manhattan district Atty. Cyrus Vance Jr. dismissed his own prosecutor when he decided not to prosecute.

I admit, my eyes crossed a little when I read Note on page 115This showed large and unlikely fluctuations in the value of various assets in the financial statements prepared by the Trump Organization for lenders.

One example of dozens: Trump claimed a value of $ 161 million for assets in Westchester County, valued between $ 29 million and $ 50 million. Apparently, they were based on inflated value, unlicensed, unbuilt construction that was “held” as they said.

It’s comforting to see the invincible air around Trump collapsing.

In the same week that Ivanka was in the limelight on suspicion of various wrongdoings of the Trump family, US Supreme Court refused Maintain an order to force the National Archives to submit Trump White House documents to the House January 6 Commission.

And in another blow, the district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, said For a special grand jury Find out about Trump’s efforts to trick Georgia Secretary of State into falsely claiming that Trump won the state in 2020.

Will Trump eventually face the consequences of their bad behavior?

I wish you success.


This story was originally Los Angeles Times..