Jack Posobiek detained by police at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Conservative American author and podcast host Jack Posobiek reports on the mission of Turningpoint USA’s “Publishing the” Great Reset “Agenda” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. During that time, he said he was temporarily detained by the police.

A video on social media shows Posobiek at an outdoor table on the sidewalk surrounded by about four armed uniformed police officers and at least two plainclothes police officers in a Swiss city.board member Wear a patch It identified them as “WEF police”.

Posobiek explained about the encounter In the video Released from Turning Point USA.

“The World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab has its own paramilitary organization called the World Economic Forum Police,” said Posobiek.

He went on to explain that about an hour before he was detained, a police officer in plain clothes approached the crew and asked them to confirm their media qualifications. Posobiek said police officers seemed happy and continued to report.

However, after that, when I was taking a break, charging the battery and eating, the “two minivans full of police officers”, which was described as an “emergency response force,” was suddenly pulled up.

“Everyone is rampaging. They have an MP5. Someone is flagging me with his MP5 … and each of us, me and all the crew, behind the building and this They were taken one by one behind the stack of tables, and we were forced to empty their pockets, and we were surprised.,“He said. The MP5 is a type of submachine gun.

The Epoch Times has contacted the Swiss Federal Police and the WEF for comment and confirmation of the so-called “WEF Police” jurisdiction.

of video A female plainclothes police officer posted on Twitter by user Anon News tells the woman behind the camera, “Stop shooting,” after asking why Posobiek was detained.

The operator then points the camera at Poso Bake from the policeman, but continues to record and asks again why he is being detained.

“What is” detained “? Can you explain? “The officer in plain clothes says.

“Why is he surrounded now? Is he allowed to leave the area?”

“We only have normal police control, because, uh, it’s the WEF and everything is very [sensitive]”The officer says.

“Why was he particularly targeted?”

“We have a reason to dominate people, so we have a reason,” says the officer.

“So what was the reason? What was he doing?”

“I don’t have to tell you that … why are you asking me for it?” Says the officer.

Next, the cameraman explains that she’s asking because Posobiek, who is there as a journalist, was targeted by the police, but other reporters want to know why they weren’t.

“There’s a reason. But ah, everything is clear now, and uh, we’re about to leave in just a few seconds. Okay? Ask me now … I can ask you to remove it. “…” said the officer, at which point the video was cut off.

Posobiec was in Davos during the WEF with WEF Chairs “Klaus Schwab and his associates” and “eight key goals to deprive democracy: freedom of speech, private property, borders, etc.” Will be published. It also includes the lack of real food! “

In a post on the Turning Point USA website, Posobiek write in He was sent to Davos to “annual plans for a global elite to fully take over our democracy by breaking the World Economic Forum and the field coverage of the Great Reset, and their goals for the destruction of the Western world. To clarify. “

In the Epoch Times editorial, former New York University professor Michael Rectenwald elaborated on the Great Reset.

Rectenwald quoted the words of the co-founder and lead author of WEF’s monthly barometer publication. He said Great Reset is a way to address the “weaknesses of capitalism” allegedly exposed by the COVID pandemic.

The general concept of “Great Reset” revolves around the idea of ​​transforming the traditional capitalist economy through paradigm shift events such as pandemics.

As promoted by WEF, the Great Reset agenda has been criticized by conservative media and politicians around the world as a far-left ploy to strengthen socialist policies around the world.

Caden Pearson


Caden Pearson is an Australian-based journalist. He has a background in screenwriting and documentary. Contact him at [email protected]