Jackie Chan speaks in a viral video of a violent attack on a female diner in Tangshan


On Saturday, action star Jackie Chan posted on social media that she “did not sleep all night” after watching a recent viral video of a woman who was brutally attacked at a restaurant in Tangshan, China.

His reaction was related to Friday’s CCTV footage of a woman’s attack at a restaurant in Tangshan, where she was repeatedly trampled and beaten.

according to Police statementNine men were later identified as suspects and detained.

One of the men Launched an attack After the woman pushed him away. He allegedly approached her and touched her back as part of her sexual progress.

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China Press reported that the main culprit also had a history of rape and murder.

Chan posted on Weibo, China’s largest social media platform, that one of his staff showed the incident yesterday.

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“I was really angry,” he said. “It was especially sad that only women stood up to help each other throughout the case. All the men around. [them] I was indifferent. ”

Chan emphasized the importance of standing up for vulnerable people.

“When you see bullying, you have to stand up if you have the ability to stop it. [to it]..In such a case, helping others [also] Help yourself! “

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His post has collected over 2 million likes and 93,000 comments.

Featured image via GQ(Right) and Reuters(left)

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