Jagmeet Singh defends NDP elections despite slight caucuse growth


Jagmeet Singh reassures leadership on Tuesday, despite NDP seats revealing a liberal brand hurt as a result of a pandemic election and Canadians consistently ranking him as the most popular leader He said he felt a feeling.

Leaders of the New Democrats said his caucuses would still progress in parliament, despite the issue of his campaign that Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was unreliable.

“I’m excited about the important work we have to do,” Shin said in Vancouver. “I was in the same position in the last parliament and I was able to secure a lot of very important victories.”

New Democrats had 24 seats in the House of Commons at the time of dissolution. Some close quarters are still counted, but as of Tuesday night it seems that they have only won one or two seats.

Shin said he was proud of his team, but was “disappointed” that many NDP candidates who couldn’t win the ride wouldn’t join him in Ottawa.

The election day show was significantly smaller than the results of the 44 seats of Tom Malcare, Shin’s predecessor in 2015, leading to a 2017 leadership review and Shin’s promotion.

Monday prompted some deja vu among the New Democrats after a tough run that required 20 seats in 2019. Shin was relatively new to the federal scene at the time, and was only two years old as a party leader in the face of financial difficulties.

This time, NDP spent millions more, enjoying national name recognition and a record of boosting a pandemic bailout. He was also the most likable leader in polls, taking advantage of the presence of oversized social media that blended buzz and trap beats.

However, these genuine beliefs were not converted into ballots. “The only currency that matters,” said Karl Belanger, president of consulting firm Traxxion Strategies and former senior adviser to NDP.

NDP failed to grow significantly in major constituencies in downtown Quebec and downtown Toronto, with popularity vote share (17.7% as of Tuesday) falling short of voting expectations.

“You lost some seats, you got some other seats. So you are stepping on the water. You need to do better. And the key is you It’s about getting people who say they’re going to vote for you to actually vote for you, “Berenger said.

He added that Shin’s location above the party is safe, at least in the short term.

“I’m completely confident in Jugmate,” NDP MP Taylor Bachrach said in an interview, citing his “incredible enthusiasm and positive spirit” in the course of the campaign.

Experts questioned New Democrats’ tactics in the field after appearances of inadequate efforts to obtain voting rights in the final week.

Hoping to win the NDP, but still suspicious neck and neck races due to mailed votes, Davenport Riding in Toronto, Laurier Sante Marie in Montreal, Bertier Maskinonge in the countryside of Quebec, South Includes Western Windsor Tecamse. In Ontario, the New Democratic-owned Mount Hamilton, and Spadina_Fort York in downtown Toronto, liberal candidates were effectively kicked out of the party over the weekend, but managed to get out.

The New Democratic Party also lost its last bastion in St. John’s East on the Atlantic coast of Canada after Jack Harris of NDP MP chose not to seek reelection.

“They can’t see this as a victory,” said Sanjay Geram, senior lecturer in political science at Simon Fraser University.

“If the NDP was thinking about the conditions under which it could command Jagmeet Singh to make a breakthrough, this was it, and he couldn’t do it.”

The party picked up a new pair of seats in Edmonton and a horseback ride in Lower Mainland in Port Moody-Coquitlam, British Columbia. It also maintained a slight lead in the previous Nanaimo-Ladies’ Smith green riding.

A liberal shift to the left of a budget satisfied with social policy and spending, according to Geram, “squeezes” the NDP and lays the groundwork from unionized trade workers to urban progressives. Is even more difficult. “I don’t know if leadership is an urgent issue.”

Shin criticized Trudeau for holding an election during a pandemic on Tuesday, saying it seemed to have resulted in a long line at polling stations, accessibility, and ultimately turnout. rice field. The lack of on-campus voting space due to the Canadian election decision caused by COVID-19 concerns could have hurt the NDP outlook as young people tend to vote for more oranges.

Nonetheless, New Democrats, as the Fourth Party, is in a position to balance its power to support the minority Liberal government after a 36-day campaign focused primarily on Shin’s condemnation of Trudeau. I’m back.

Mr Shin said he would not force another election.

“We took advantage of our position (in the previous minority parliament) and won a really big victory for the Canadians and for the people. They were in better shape because we were there. I did, “he said.

“We do the same.”

Kelly Geraldine Malone and Christopher Reynolds

Canadian press