James Dyson says Brexit gave him “freedom”

Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson

Brexit has regained Britain’s independence and boosted innovation, said inventor Sir James Dyson.

“We have freedom. We can enter into trade agreements with countries other than Europe. [and] You can hire people from all over the world, “Sir James told the BBC.

The· February latest stats It shows that UK exports to the EU are below the same level as last year.

He also defended the move of Dyson’s global headquarters to Singapore in 2019.

At that time, Brexit entrepreneurs were accused of “hypocrisy” after Britain argues that leaving the EU will benefit more than it loses..

“We are a British company. I have put a lot of effort into this country,” he said.

“You can’t make things here, bring in all the components from the Far East here, assemble them here, and then send them back to the Far East. That doesn’t work.”

The interview took place when Dyson announced plans to create 200 new jobs at its research facilities in Malmesbury and Hullavington, Wiltshire.

The plan is Part of a £ 2.75bn Global Investment Plan for Emerging Technologies and ProductsAnnounced in November.

Sir James said that the end of Britain’s transition with the EU allowed Dyson to hire engineering talent that Britain lacked.

Inside Dyson's battery manufacturing plant

Inside Dyson’s battery manufacturing plant

“This site has 60 different nationalities. I employ them from all over the world.”


Sir James said the reason Dyson had to move to Asia was because Dyson’s UK supplier “did not want to expand with us.”

When asked if he could innovate further in the UK, he said: “I have invested about £ 2 billion in this site. [in Wiltshire]..

“I’m undertaking more people, I employ 4,000 people here, I pay a lot of taxes here.”

He said the invention of the vaccine showed that Britain now has “spiritual independence” that can shine.

“that is, [Oxford-AstraZeneca] Vaccine “.

“We were not part of the European development of the vaccine. We had to develop it ourselves … a world record-breaking vaccine produced at record speed, and that’s me Because they produced it. “

Sir James said Asia is the fastest growing market in the world and that Dyson’s presence there is “very important”.

“It’s arrogant to think that we can design and develop products for Asia and the UK,” he said.

“We can develop technology, but we understand what Asians want and what works in the market. We have to be there and immerse ourselves in it. Must be. “