January 6 Defendant May Return to Prison After Government Captures Content of His Streaming Conspiracy Theory


Washington — Prosecutors send Capitol mob Douglas Jensen back to prison and send him New filing On Thursday night, he committed a “terrible” breach of his pretrial release terms, not only by repeatedly accessing the Internet, but also by doing so specifically to watch videos of election fraud conspiracy theories.

Jensen had been imprisoned for several months after being arrested in January in connection with the January 6 riots. He was accused of having a knife in his pocket at the time, leading a crowd of riots chasing Eugene Goodman of the US Capitol in the Capitol.But in July the judge Agreed to release him Over government opposition, Jensen imposed a series of strict conditions that he had to obey if he wanted to go home.

These conditions included a ban on the use of devices that have access to the Internet, such as mobile phones. However, according to the government, 30 days after he was released from prison, court officials assigned to check him arrived at his home and listened to the news on a WiFi-connected iPhone via the video platform Rumble. I found Jensen in the garage.The government doesn’t say exactly what Jensen is listening to, but has included a link to the Washington Post. paper It explained how the site was popular among conservatives.

More than that, the government admitted that Jensen had seen pre-election service officers a two-day “cyber symposium” hosted by one of the election’s most prominent and prolific supporters, My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell. I explained how. A fraudulent conspiracy theory and lies that fueled the January 6 riots.

The fact that Jensen is a self-proclaimed believer in QAnon’s collective delusions and focused on the government claiming to put him behind the bar. His lawyer argued that Jensen had noticed a mistake in his way in six months’ prison and wrote in June that he “feels deceived by admitting he bought a pack of lies.” rice field.

The government said his breach of his release terms shortly after he left prison was evidence that those previous statements to the court were fake and Jensen was unreliable in complying with future court orders. rice field.

“But Jensen’s swift breach confirms that the government and the court have been suspicious. Jensen’s alleged denial of QAnon was just an act. His alleged epiphany in DC prison was simply. It was a self-assertion, and in the end, Jensen dismissed the false theory and belief that led to a threatening pursuit of Eugene Goodman on the Senate stairs on January 6, 2021. I won’t give up, “written Haba Miller, assistant US Senator.

The fact that Jensen was watching Lindel’s symposium focused on promoting and strengthening fraudulent election fraud and conspiracy made the breach particularly “terrible” in the eyes of the government.

“He proved that even a six-month prison would not discourage returning to the conspiracy theory of assaulting federal officials on January 6, 2021. Jensen at his bond hearing. Contrary to his allegations, he still bought a lot into QAnon’s “Lie Pack”, “Miller wrote.

Jensen’s final problem is that his wife agreed to work as the caretaker of his third party and ensure that he was in compliance with the rules. Not only was Jensen able to access an internet-connected device, but his wife gave news for him when he went to work the day his pretrial service officer found him. He also told the pretrial service officer that he had left the garage — evidence that she was an “inappropriate and unreliable caretaker.” Without an alternative, no one could trust the court to oversee him, Miller wrote.

Jensen’s lawyer did not immediately return a request for comment. He will submit a reply early next week.

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