January 6 Defendant requests to summon Trump as a witness to the trial

Faced with multiple accusations in connection with the parliamentary raid on January 6, 2021, defendants are calling for the summoning of former President Trump as a witness to the trial.

Attorney Samuel Shamanski filed court filings on behalf of his client, defendant Dustin Thompson on January 6, and Trump and others to testify as witnesses in Thompson’s trial. I asked the judge to allow me to summon people.

According to court filings, “Defendant submits that the individual seeking the subpoena has exclusive possession of information relating to this case. In addition, the defendant’s constitutional defense provides full defense. Their testimony is needed to ensure that their rights are protected. “

“When called as a witness, Donald J. Trump made a plan carefully crafted by him and others to question the completeness of the 2020 presidential election and the adequacy of President Biden’s victory. It is expected to testify that it has been organized, “Filing added. “Furthermore, if Congress was allowed to prove the outcome of the election, Mr. Trump and his conspirators worked together to deceive the public, including the defendant, and make them believe that American democracy was at stake. Efforts will be established in court. “

Court filings show that if Trump and others were forced to testify in Thompson’s trial, their testimony wanted to prevent Congress from proving the results of the 2020 presidential election. It shows that it will be.

“Defendants will prove that the testimony of Mr. Trump and his conspirators was decided by the necessary means to prevent Congress from fulfilling its constitutional obligation to prove election results.” Said the court filings. “To achieve that goal, the conspirator defendants are now organizing and encouraging rally participants, assaulting the Capitol, entering the grounds,” fighting like hell “,” combat. “

Other witnesses who want to submit a summons include former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, conservative lawyer John Eastman, and pro-Trump lawyer, Shamansky said. Includes Sydney Powell and Donald Trump Jr.

Thompson’s lawyer said he hoped for immediate feedback, but acknowledged that even if the request was approved, he could face legal issues.

“If Judge Walton approves the issue of the subpoena, Trump and his conspirators are fully hoping to take advantage of all the legal tricks in the book to avoid being placed in an oath. “There is,” said Mr. Shamanski.

Thompson faces a series of accusations related to the January 6 attack as Trump supporter mobs attacked the Capitol and tried to prevent Congress from approving the 2020 presidential election. ..

Defendants have been charged with formal procedures and obstruction of assistance and betting. Theft of government assets. Entering and exiting restricted buildings or premises. Chaotic and destructive activity within a restricted building or premises. Chaotic behavior in the Capitol building and parades, demonstrations, or picketing in the Capitol building.

According to Thompson’s facts and complaint statementA security footage inside the Capitol is said to have shown him inside a building holding a bottle of bourbon. Court filings also allege that he fled law enforcement after being found in a coat rack, which authorities believed he was in the Capitol.

Hill asked a Trump spokesman for comment.